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Spotlight: Walter V. Robinson email


"On the political side, I don't think it's resolvable because I think there's a deep functional need not to understand.  The problem is that if what I'm saying is correct, then it's also subversive and, therefore, it'd better not be understood.  Let me put it this way: if I found that I did have easy access to systems of power like journals and television, then I'd begin to be worried.  I'd think I'm doing something wrong because I ought to be trying to subvert those systems of power, and if I am doing it and I'm doing it honestly, they shouldn't want to have me around.  In those areas, misunderstanding (if you want to call it that) is almost an indication that you may well be on the right track.  It's not proof that you're on the right track, but it's an indication you may be.  If you're understood and appreciated, it's almost proof that you're not on the right track."  Noam Chomsky, 1991

In other words, there's a reason Spotlight's Walter V. Robinson has long had "easy access to systems of power like journals and television," as well as mainstream media's largest news corporations (and Hollywood movie studios).  And there's a reason he's been widely understood and appreciated, as shown by the numerous awards, honors and accolades (and nice salaries) he's long been receiving.
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