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UC Berkeley: Let There Be No Free Speech
UC Berkeley: Let There Be NO Free Speech
UC Berkeley is the often-touted birthplace of the Free Speech Movement, and currently, one of the strongest voices for free speech is UC Berkeley Law Dean, Erwin Chemerinsky, who said in 2019: "As for the choice you present, it is very, very difficult for a dean at one UC school to criticize the administration of another UC school."  If you support free speech as he eloquently and persuasively argues for it, then you'll ask him about the choice that I presented to him.  If Dean Erwin Chemerinsky then exercises the free speech he argues for, I think you'll hear that this free speech is fine—as long as you do not publicly criticize your employer, the Corporation of The Regents of the University of California.
So that's the meaning of "free speech" when you work at UC Berkeley, or anywhere else within the Corporation of The Regents of the University of California.  Which means that "free speech" at the UC is nothing more than a vulgar marketing (i.e., propaganda) slogan it trumpets around the world—to fill its coffers as it makes moves to privatize itself.
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