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UCLA faculty tell how UCLA is abusing UCLA students

These UCLA faculty members' statements tell how UCLA abuses its power to kick out its students: facts and UCLA's own academic codes & ethical standards simply don't matter.  This is how UCLA abuses its students beneath its multibillion-dollar fundraising & global marketing campaigns—which all trumpet UCLA's unwavering commitment to facts, ethics, academic principles, and the truth.

"[N]either of us had been asked for any background on Mr. Wilde's case.  Nor apparently was much effort taken to verify the apparent facts of Mr. Wilde's academic record.  Incompletes that had been cleared were listed as Fs and no enquires about their real status or about the student's general progress were made."

Dr. Nicholas Blurton-Jones & Dr. Val Rust; UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies

UCLA faculty members Dr. Blurton-Jones and Dr. Rust tell us that UCLA kicks a student out without verifying the accuracy of the information upon which UCLA is basing its dismissal decision.   They also tell us that when making the decision to dismiss a graduate student, UCLA does not contact the student's advisor for any information on the student.  In fact, my advisor was not aware that I had been kicked out until I met with him to ask how this had happened.

"The case is clear-cut: they had no basis for dismissing you as you met the formal qualifications.  Moreover, they gave you no other reasons, so any further reasons they give now are beside the point.  All this is obvious.  I have no difficulty saying it forcefully to anyone.  The difficulty will be to force them to reverse themselves due to their unjust decision."

Dr. Robert Brenner; UCLA Department of History

UCLA faculty member Dr. Brenner tells us that UCLA kicks out a student when they have no basis for doing so.  He also tells us that when UCLA is shown that there is no basis for its stated reason for terminating a student—because that reason was based on erroneous information—UCLA then gives further reasons for kicking the student out, after the student has been kicked out.  However, as Dr. Brenner says, even when "all this is obvious," the real difficulty is found in forcing UCLA to reverse its unjust student termination decision.

"[A] random collection of faculty (however distinguished) has no status within the university power structure. 

No one would be obliged to pay any attention to us."

UCLA Distinguished Professor, Dr. Edward Keenan; UCLA Department of Linguistics

UCLA Distinguished Professor Dr. Keenan tells us that "a random collection of UCLA faculty (however distinguished) has no status within the university power structure. No one would be obliged to pay any attention to us."  That is, there's nothing to add to make any clearer what Dr. Keenan tells us about UCLA, its power structure, and UCLA faculty members' place within this power structure.

"This is a wrong to right."

Statement from Dr. Val Rust to Dr. Robert Brenner on this student termination

UCLA faculty member Dr. Rust tells us that this UCLA student termination is a wrong to right.  Again, there's nothing to add to Dr. Rust's statement to make any clearer what he tells us about how UCLA dismisses its students.

"If you apply for admission, the dept [UCLA Graduate School of Education] has to consider your case, so the faculty member you mentioned might be able to push for readmission without the dept having to acknowledge any wrongdoing."

UCLA Distinguished Professor, Dr. Edward Keenan; UCLA Department of Linguistics

UCLA Distinguished Professor Dr. Edward Keenan tells us that when a UCLA student has been wrongly dismissed, this student can still apply for readmission and ask that a UCLA faculty member push for readmission—without the UCLA Department having to acknowledge any wrongdoing.  That is, UCLA Distinguished Professor Dr. Edward Keenan is offering words at UCLA that could also come straight out of high priests within the Catholic Church scandal: Never do anything that could force the institution to acknowledge any wrongdoing.  UCLA Distinguished Professor Dr. Edward Keenan tells us how this public university is being transformed into a quasi-religious private institution—by one of UCLA's Distinguished Professors. 

UCLA Robert Brenner Quote.png
UCLA Edward Keenan Quote.png
UCLA Chancellor Block; NBJ quote.png
UCLA Michael Drake; NBJ quote.png

UCLA professor Dr. Val Rust has facts and UCLA's academic codes and ethical standards to conclude this UCLA student termination "is a wrong to right."  Yet UCLA Distinguished Professor, Dr. Edward Keenan states that "no one [at UCLA] would be obliged to pay any attention to us."  So these two UCLA faculty members are telling us that a wrongful student dismissal simply doesn't matter at UCLA—because when UCLA's own faculty object to an unjust student termination decision, UCLA is not obliged to pay any attention to any of them.  So now we understand why UCLA's Dr. Robert Brenner tells us, "the difficulty will be to force them [UCLA administrators] to reverse themselves due to their unjust decision": UCLA knows it can ignore facts and its own faculty members—and simply violate the UCLA Faculty Code of Conduct and the UCLA Statement of Ethical Values and Standards of Ethical Conduct—when it wants to get rid of UCLA students.  And UCLA knows it can abuse UCLA students in this way because—like the high priests in the Catholic Church knew—people are too afraid to speak out against this abuse of power within the University of California.  UCLA is, after all (and as it loudly markets itself worldwide), "the most popular campus in the nation."  And so UCLA will simply continue to abuse those individuals within its quasi-religious halls who have the least power—UCLA students.  

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