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Private corporate power hates nothing more than "bad apples" within. So, private corporate power owns “independent investigative reporters" to expose them—and awards Pulitzer Prizes to further entrench the immense private corporate power of its own “our free press.”  UCLA's "True Bruins"

Matt Hamilton; LA Times.png
Harriet Ryan; LA Times.png
Paul Pringle; LA Times (Seminarians).png
Matt Hamilton; Los Angeles Times (We the Public).png
Harriet Ryan; Los Angeles Times (Would We Ever).png
Paul Pringle; Los Angeles Times (Far Too Many).png
Paul Pringle; latimes (We the Public).png
Harriet Ryan; latimes (Seminarians).png
Harriet Ryan; LATimes (We the Public).png
Matt Hamilton; latimes.png
Matt Hamilton; LATimes (Seminarians).png
Paul Pringle; Los Angeles Times (Would We Ever).png

The constantly spinning revolving door between the Los Angeles Times and UCLA is how immense private corporate power (and its billionaires) generates the army of ideological managers (and groveling sycophants) it must employ to serve, perpetuate and ruthlessly protect the private corporate ownership of the nation's economy and its corporate-owned status quo.

Jim Newton; LA Times (Seminarians).png
Jim Newton; latimes (Would We Ever).png
Jim Newton; LATimes ( Revolving Door).png
Hyeyoon (Alyssa) Choi; LATimes & UCLA (Ruthless).png
Hector Tobar; LA Times(revised).png
Nicholas Goldberg; LA Times
Jim Newton; UCLA (We the Public).png
Jim Newton; LA Times (Far Too Many).png
Hyeyoon (Alyssa) Choi; LATimes Intern & UCLA Daily Bruin.png
Abigail Goldman; UCLA & LA Times.png
Paul Pringle; LA Times(1).png
Steve Lopez; LA Times journalist
Gustavo Arellano; LA Times
Michael Hiltzik; LA Times
Teresa Watanabe UCLA (OneFineDay).png
Nick Goldberg la times (OneFineDay).png
. . . more UCLA Marketing Mannequins coming soon
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