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Robin L. Garrell, Ph.D., CUNY
Robin Garrell, CUNY, The Graduate Center
Robin Garrell, Ph.D.; President, CUNY Graduate Center

Photo Credit: Robin L. Garrell, by Alex Irkievski; modified & licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

A University Marketing Mannequin is simply bought and sold and moved around into different display cases throughout the entire university system.  When moved into the display case at a new university, it is given a new title and dressed with its new university's latest fashions.  And as with all marketing mannequins, its function remains the same: Always promote the growth of the university's power and profit, and if necessary, forego academic freedom and freedom of speech to do so (while continuing to use these now empty doctrines as powerful marketing slogans).  And always shield the university from threats to its power by never acknowledging the university's abuse of its power.
"[T]he [UCLA] faculty member you mentioned might be able to push for readmission without the dept having to acknowledge any wrongdoing. [...] [A] random collection of faculty (however distinguished) has no status within the university power structure. No one would be obliged to pay any attention to us."  UCLA Distinguished Professor, Dr. Edward Keenan; UCLA Department of Linguistics  (my emphasis)
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