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The University of California, Los Angeles, markets itself as "the most popular campus in the nation," but learning how this public university operates requires that the public—and crucially, UCLA students—make serious efforts to dig beneath UCLA's massive global advertising campaigns.  Accordingly, learning how UCLA is abusing its students requires that you contact UCLA faculty and administrators to verify the factual accuracy of the content on this website—i.e., the first people to contact are the UCLA faculty members and administrators whose names and departments are given on this website, to find out if they actually made these statements about UCLA, its operations, and its grossly abusive student termination practices.  (And for news reporters working at legitimate news organizations, I will happily provide the written waiver that will allow full access to my termination file at UCLA, which also includes my filing with the UCLA Academic Senate—and their reply.)

You can also take action through this online petition to force UCLA to take the actions I've listed there.

Otherwise, if you have questions about this UCLA student termination or about any of the content on this website, contact me using the message box below, or at:

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