When we the public do not hold accountable those we entrust to hold true power accountable, we the public get this for "our independent journalists" and we the public get this for "our free press."
Alene Tchekmedyian, Los Angeles Times.png
Teresa Watanabe; LA Times (5).png
Teresa Watanabe; Los Angeles Times & UCLA.png
Alene Tchekmedyian, LA Times
Alene Tchekmedyian | Los Angeles Times staff reporter & writer
Teresa Watanabe LA Times & UCLA
Teresa Watanabe, LA Times education reporter
Melissa Korn; WSJ (2).png
Melissa Korn; WSJ (3).png
Gary Robbins; The San Diego Union-Tribune.png
Rebecca Trounson UCLA.png
Melissa Korn; WSJ (1).png
Teresa Watanabe | Higher Education reporter for the Los Angeles Times
Lowell Bergman; We the Public.png
Jacey Fortin; NYT (3).png
Lauren Lumpkin; Washington Post (3).png
Melissa Korn; WSJ (4).png
Jeneen Interlandi; NYTimes (3).png
Susan Svrluga; Washington Post (3).png
Anemona Hartocollis; NYTimes (3).png
Nick Anderson; Washington Post (3).png
Jennifer Levitz; WSJ (4).png
Dana Goldstein; NYT (3).png
Gary Robbins; LA Times (2).png
Danielle Douglas-Gabriel; Washington Post (3).png
Tiffany Hsu; NYTimes (3).png
Alene Tchekmedyian; LATimes (5).png
Tiffany Hsu; NYT (5).png
Lauren Lumpkin; Washington Post (2).png
Jacey Fortin; NYT (2).png
Alene Tchekmedyian; LA Times (6).png
Anemona Hartocollis; NYTimes (2).png
Danielle Douglas-Gabriel; Washington Post (2).png
Nick Anderson; Washington Post (2).png
Susan Svrluga; Washington Post (2).png
Jennifer Levitz; WSJ (2).png
Teresa Watanabe; LATimes (6).png
Dana Goldstein; NYTimes (2).png
Jennifer Levitz; WSJ (3).png
Danielle Douglas-Gabriel; Washington Post.png
Tiffany Hsu; NYTimes (4).png
Anemona Hartocollis; NYTimes.png
Jennifer Levitz; WSJ.png
Susan Svrluga; Washington Post.png
Dana Goldstein; The New York Times.png
Lauren Lumpkin; Washington Post.png
Jacey Fortin; New York Times.png
Nick Anderson; Washington Post.png

"So you must do things that otherwise would not be done."  Jeff Schmidt, author of:

Disciplined Minds: A Critical Look at Salaried Professionals and the Soul-Battering System that Shapes Their Lives