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"I don't know how to prove this, but I have a feeling that when you go to the elite universities, you find more obedience and conformity—probably because you're getting the students who were better able to do it."  Noam Chomsky

As journalists for UCLA's "independent, student-run newspaper," the Daily Bruin, these UCLA students can now show us how to prove this.

Victoria K Li; Seminarian copy.png
David Rimer UCLA; Seminarian.png.png
Constanza Montemayor UCLA; Seminarian.png
Alexandra Kaiser UCLA; Seminarian.png
VictoriaKLi; Parental Power copy.png
David Rimer UCLA; Parental Power.png
Constanza Montemayor UCLA; Parental Power.png
Alexandra Kaiser UCLA; Parental Power.png
Victoria K Li; Ruthless copy.png
Olivia Simons UCLA; Seminarian.png
Catherine Hamilton UCLA; Seminarian.png
Payton Kammerer UCLA; Seminarian.png
Shaanth Kodialam UCLA; Seminarian.png
Olivia Simons UCLA; Parental Power.png
Catherine Hamilton UCLA; Parental Power.png
Payton Kammerer UCLA; Parental Power.png
Shaanth Kodialam UCLA; Parental Power.png
Olivia Simons UCLA; Ruthless.png
David Rimer UCLA; Ruthless.png
Catherine Hamilton UCLA; Ruthless.png
Constanza Montemayor UCLA; Ruthless.png
Payton Kammerer UCLA; Ruthless.png
Alexandra Kaiser UCLA; Ruthless.png
Shaanth Kodialam UCLA; Ruthless.png
Daily Bruin gives a Daily Scruin
UCLA Logo covers Obedience & Conformity (Blue&Gold)_edited.png
. . . to be continued
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