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Just as Pravda needed so-called journalists & spokespersons fully committed to expanding and ruthlessly protecting Soviet state ideology & power, UCLA's Media Department needs these UCLA Marketing Mannequins posing as journalists & spokespersons ("media contacts" in UCLA's own Newspeak) fully committed to expanding and ruthlessly protecting immense private corporate power and the "higher education" funded by this immense private corporate power running UCLA and the entire University of California.  These individuals here are UCLA's "True Bruins" and lifetime members of "The Bruin Family."

Go Bruins!

Melissa Abraham; UCLA.png
John McDonald; UCLA.png
Stuart Wolpert; UCLA.png
Katherine Alvarado; UCLA.png
Bill Kisliuk; UCLA.png
Laura Lavado Parker; UCLA.png
Les Dunseith; UCLA.png
Christopher Roberts; UCLA.png
Jessica Wolf; UCLA.png
Steve Ritea; UCLA.png
Alison Hewitt; UCLA.png
Lindsey Williams; UCLA.png

. . . more UCLA Marketing Mannequins coming sooner or later.

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