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Immense private corporate power allows The University of California's Corporate Priesthood to feed together in silence at the overflowing troughs of this immensely powerful institution that has branded all of them to serve, perpetuate and ruthlessly protect the "reputation & image" (i.e., power & profits) of "the UC brand."

Abigail Goldman LATimes & UCLA Daily Bruin.png
Nick Goldberg LATimes & UCLA.png
Alene Tchekmedyian LATimes & UCLA.png
Michael Hiltzik LATimes & UCLA.png
Tiffany Hsu NYTimes & UCLA.png
Gary Robbins LATimes & San Diego Union-Tribune.png
Melissa Korn WSJ & UCLA.png
Matt Hamilton LATimes & UCLA.png
Lauren Lumpkin WaPo & UCLA.png
Nick Anderson WaPo & UCLA.png
Danielle Douglas-Gabriel WaPo & UCLA.png
Dana Goldstein NYTimes & UCLA.png
Kathryn Hurd UC Berkeley Journalism & UCLA.png
Ellie Lightfoot UC Berkeley Journalism & UCLA.png
Jim Newton LATimes & UCLA BluePrint.png
Teresa Watanabe LATimes & UCLA.png
Steve Lopez LATimes & UCLA.png
Harriet Ryan LATimes & UCLA.png
David Lazarus LATimes & UCLA.png
Jeneen Interlandi NYTimes & UCLA.png
Howard Blume LATimes & UCLA.png
Anemona Hartocollis NYTimes & UCLA.png
Paul Pringle LATimes & UCLA.png
Jennifer Levitz WSJ & UCLA.png
Jacey Fortin NYTimes & UCLA.png
Susan Svrluga WaPo & UCLA.png
Geeta Anand UC Berkeley Journalism & UCLA.png
Gisela Perez de Acha UC Berkeley Journalism & UCLA.png
UCLA Linguistics Dept; Dr. Edward Keenan quote.png
UCLA History Dept.; Robert Brenner quote.png
Kathleen Komar; UCLA (evil).png
Michael Levine, Ph.D., UCLA Vice Chancellor.png
Michael Goldstein, Ph.D., Special Suckling to the Chancellor.png
Kathy Komar UCLA Vice Provost.png
UCLA; Corporate Priesthood.png
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