Robin L. Garrell, Ph.D., USL Marketing M
Emily A. Carter, UCLA Executive Vice Chancellor
Claudia Mitchell-Kernan UCLA.png
Robin L. Garrell, CUNY (City University, New York)
UCLA | Kathleen Komar
Sandra Graham; This is UCLA.png
Anna Spain Bradley, UCLA Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
Vickie Mays: UCLA Special Advisor to the Chancellor on Black Life
Vickie M. Mays, Ph.D., UCLA
Sandra Graham, Ph.D. | UCLA Distinguished Professor
Louise Nelson: UCLA Vice Chancellor of Legal Affairs & Associate General Counsel
Amy Gershon, UCLA GSE&IS
Anna Spain Bradley, UCLA Vice Chancellor of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Mary Osako, UCLA Vice Chancellor for Strategic Communications
Robin L. Garrell, Ph.D.; President, CUNY Graduate Center

Photo Credit: Robin L. Garrell, by Alex Irkievski; modified & licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Currently, the female version of the University System-Level (USL) Marketing Mannequin most effectively displays and sells the "diversity," "bold," "progressive," and "inclusive" fashionwear to those wanting/needing a visibly trendy identity to match their deep "brand-name university" indoctrination.  (Marketing & sales trends over the coming years will determine the next form(s) and image(s) for the most effective USL Marketing Mannequin.)  The ten USL Marketing Mannequins shown above have given their entire careers to demonstrating their deep indoctrination and their primary function coming out of their "higher education": First, serve power and privilege—by never uttering a single word or committing a single act that could threaten this power and privilege.

Accordingly, academic freedom and free speech are now merely global marketing slogans used by these USL Marketing Mannequins—and empty doctrines to be instilled along with the other "doctrines of the faith"* shrouding the campuses of "elite" universities. 

*"What is important in the present context is the contribution of the harshest critics (within the mainstream) to reinforcing the system of indoctrination, of which they themselves are victims—as is the norm for the educated classes, who are typically the most profoundly indoctrinated and in a deep sense the most ignorant group, the victims as well as the purveyors of the doctrines of the faith.  The great achievement of the critics is to prevent the realization that what is happening today is not some departure from our historical ideals and practice, to be attributed to the personal failings of this or that individual.  Rather, it is the systematic expression of the way our institutions function and will continue to function unless impeded by an aroused public that comes to understand their true nature and their true history—exactly what our educational institutions must prevent if they are to fulfill their function, namely, to serve power and privilege."  (Noam Chomsky; "The Manufacture of Consent" ©1984)