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UCLA documents

The first UCLA document below is the student termination letter I received from the UCLA Graduate Division.  The second UCLA document is my Graduate Academic Record showing my final grade point average (GPA) of 3.102.

UCLA Graduate Division policy states: "UCLA requires a 'B' (3.0) average in all courses taken in graduate status at the University" and a graduate student is "subject to dismissal if the cumulative scholarship in all work attempted in graduate status falls below a 'B' (3.0)." (See: UCLA Standards & Procedures for Graduate Study; p.29)  My UCLA termination letter states that my graduate student status was terminated "because of your low grade point average", i.e., below 3.0.  My final UCLA Graduate Academic Record, however, shows a GPA of 3.102; i.e., above 3.0.

These two official UCLA documents are the basis of this case:

UCLA Student Termination Letter.png
UCLA Graduate Academic Record.png

(Click on each image to open document in a new window)

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