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Over centuries, young students accepted into institutions of immense power for their indoctrination have stood by silently while the ministers/priests/rabbis determining these students' futures fucked (and fucked the heads of) children and these students' classmates.  Over centuries, the adults who had been groomed from infancy to revere these institutions of immense power have held themselves responsible for getting their children accepted into these revered institutions; this brutal grooming—which still includes brutal beatings—has always been meted out to infants, children and teens in the names of "love," "proper childrearing," "a religious upbringing" and "higher education."  As "the most sought-after university in the nation," UCLA seeks and admits these most obedience and conformist students above all others because these will be "True Bruins" and lifetime members of "the Bruin family."

Teresa Watanabe; LATimes Seminarian.png
Dana Goldstein; NYTimes Seminarian.png
Nicholas Goldberg; LATimes Seminarian.png
Melissa Korn; WSJ Seminarian.png
Anemona Hartocollis; NYTimes Seminarian.png
Nick Anderson; WaPo Seminarian.png
Jeneen Interlandi; NYT Seminarian.png
Danielle Douglas-Gabriel; WaPo Seminarian.png
Michael Hiltzik; LATimes Seminarian.png
Geeta Anand; Berkeley J-Seminarian.png
Susan Svrluga; WaPo Seminarian.png
Tiffany Hsu; NYTimes Seminarian.png
Abigail Goldman; UCLA Seminarian.png
Gary Robbins; LATimes Seminarian.png
Gene Block; UCLA Seminarian.png
Gisela Perez de Acha; Berkeley J-Seminarians.png
Erwin Chemerinsky; Berkeley Law Seminarian.png
Alene Tchekmedyian; LATimes Seminarian.png
Kathryn Hurd; Berkeley J-Seminarian.png
Steve Lopez; LATimes Seminarian.png
Ellie Lightfoot; Berkeley J-Seminarian.png
David Lazarus; LATimes Seminarian.png
Michael Drake; UC Seminarian.png
Lauren Lumpkin; WaPo Seminarian.png
Howard Blume; LATimes Seminarian.png
Jennifer Levitz; WJS Seminarian.png
Jacey Fortin; NYTimes Seminarian.png
Nick Anderson; WaPo Seminarian.png
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