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Email to UCLA Faculty

On April 19, 2019, I began sending this email to just over 5,000 UCLA administrators, staff, faculty and UCLA graduate students.  I created each email individually (only one email address), with the recipient's first and last name, and I sent them individually; i.e., this was not an "email blast" to a large group of unnamed recipients on an email list.  Thereafter, UCLA administrators reached over into UCLA Extension and directed my Supervisor, Tara Neuwirth, to fire me from my 12-year position as an Instructor of English language at UCLA Extension American Language Center. 

Email to UCLA (p1).png
Email to UCLA (p3).png
Email to UCLA (p5).png
Email to UCLA (p2).png
Email to UCLA (p4).png
Email to UCLA (p6).png

Other emails on UCLA student expulsion

Nick Goldberg LA Times email(p1).png
Nick Goldberg LA Times email(p2).png
Geeta Anand Email (p1).png
Geeta Anand Email (p2).png
Geeta Anand Email (p3).png
UCLA Robert Brenner; UCLA expulsion: "The case is clearcut".png
UCLA's mysterious unpaid faculty job; LA Times.png
UCLA; Edward Keenan letter (p3).png
UCLA Claudia Mitchell-Kernan (p.1).png
Gene Block & Michael Beck UCLA
UCLA Claudia Mitchell-Kernan (p.2).png
UCLA Administrative Vice Chancellor: Michael Beck
UCLA Michael Beck & Chancellor Gene Block
Alene Tchekmedyian, UCLA;p1.png
Alene Tchekmedyian, UCLA;p2.png
UCLA faculty; Servility to Corporate Power.png
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