Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean of UC Berkeley Law School

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The choice I presented to Erwin (and his reply above) is found in this e-mail exchange.  And with the facts and UCLA faculty statements I presented to him along with this choice, in his reply we can discover this UC Berkeley Law School Dean is the University of California's counterpart to the Catholic Church high priest who preaches the highest virtues to all while remaining silent on evidence he has that his fellow priests are committing gross abuses of power.

Got academic freedom and free speech, Erwin?  Or does this case show that as within the Catholic Church, the UC's high priests do not speak out against the UC's abuse of its students because their highest duty is to serve the UC's multibillion-dollar global "reputation"?  That is, is Erwin Chemerinsky first and foremost a UC marketing agent assisting the University of California in perpetrating fraud on students and the American public for private profits?

When we are pursuing a true education, we find what's very, very difficult to say is almost always what must be said—and then we must say it so that academic freedom and freedom of speech are more than only fraudulent marketing slogans used by the University of California to indoctrinate its students, and the public supporting this still-public university system.