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We know that only some thirty years ago Cardinal Roger Mahony of the Los Angeles Archdiocese was covering up facts and statements that showed his priests had been abusing children for decades.  We also know this meant Mahony's priests were abusing children at the same time that Mahony himself was preaching the sanctity of children to the parents of these children.


Likewise, only some thirty years ago if a person had made public facts and church documents showing that for decades Cardinal Bernard Law had been covering up his priests' horrific crimes against children, the church's "family" would have dismissed this individual as a crackpot—as Cardinal Law preached the sanctity of children to parents whose children he knew were being abused by his own priests.   


From this sordid history, we learn that an immensely powerful institution installs in its highest positions those people who preach the inviolability of its doctrines while knowing their institution is grotesquely violating these same doctrines. 


We can also learn from this sordid history that when an immensely powerful institution has installed people in its highest positions to preach the doctrines of academic freedom and free speech, the institution has thereby prohibited these people from exercising academic freedom and free speech—simply because their doing so would threaten the "reputation" (power and profits) of this institution.  So that in the names of these widely-honored people, this institution has thereby reduced academic freedom and free speech to dangerously fraudulent marketing slogans.  In this way, the Corporation of The Regents of the University of California displays Erwin Chemerinsky as a "UC Brand" marketing mannequin.  Using "academic freedom" and "free speech" as (fraudulent) marketing slogans, this UC Marketing Mannequin sells a higher education that compels this ever-growing "UC family" to first serve power and privilege by first protecting the "reputation" of the University of California, and thereby creating a UC family that ignores as a crackpot a student who has been cast out of the UC family—and who has made public facts and UC documents showing that for decades the University of California has been fucking the classmates of this "UC family."