Many wrongly think Nurse Ratched was demonically cruel.  In fact, as Ken Kesey made clear, she was the epitome of a highly-educated, highly-skilled health care professional giving the most advanced mental health care—in 1962.

UCLA's army of Nurse Ratcheds is no different—in 2022.  (Grooming for obedience & conformity comes in many guises—and disguises.)

UCLA Nurse Ratched: Michael Levine.png
UCLA Nurse Ratched: Kathleen Komar.png
UCLA Nurse Ratched: Adriana Galvan.png
UCLA Nurse Ratched: Michael Goldstein.png
Kathy L. Komar; UCLA Church.png
UCLA "Vice Chancellor" Levine (suckling).png
UCLA "Vice Provost" Komar; Suckling.png
UCLA "Special Assistant to the Chancellor" Goldstein (Suckling).png